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The Powells are a typical American family living in Pacific Bay, California, whose members gain special powers after their plane crashes in the Amazon.
Bit of a spoiler here for those who haven&#39;t watched the show yet and plan too but i&#39;m confused and maybe I missed something so hopefully someone can help me out. I thought that Katies new boyfriend &quot;Will&quot; or &quot;Joshua&quot;, came to Chiles house and made him OD on some sort of pills. But the last episode I watched, Katie goes into his office as a distraction so that Stephanie can quickly grab his key card. I was so confused since from what I last remembered from the previous episode, he died. So did I miss something or what? Any help would be appreciated Thanks:)<br/><br/>-PS. Really enjoying the show so far, wish it didn&#39;t have to get cancelled
my criticism is of the general plotting and writing that insults any audience who tries this weak and unimaginative TV show. There is a repeating theory that if characters refuse to simply say something to another character, even something simple as where were you after school, there will be an endlessly contrived result that creates audience interest.<br/><br/>my theory is that somewhere in the industry there are 2 or perhaps 3 creative writers….when they are not hired or when they start a show and leave it is all over except waiting for cancellation.<br/><br/>look at the adult male lead, Michael Chiklis. his approach is to pant- breath lines.<br/><br/>The core concept may have been interesting but the execution is pure awful.

Dad, Jim Powell, has super strength, invulnerability and leaping. He can lift 11,000 pounds (maybe more), has been run over by cars repeatedly without sustaining injury, and can leap up to 1/4 of a mile with a single jump, although his landings are often not very graceful. However, he is vulnerable around the nape area of his neck.<br/><br/>Mom, Stephanie Powell, has super-speed. She can run over 700 mph (maybe more). While moving fast, her reflexes are similarly enhanced as if she is paying attention, other things seem to be frozen in time to her. Her super fast metabolism causes fast digestion so she needs to consume a lot of food. She also displays rapid healing due to her high metabolism.<br/><br/>Daughter, Daphne Powell, can read minds. Further into the series, this evolves into seeing the events that happened to the person she touches as if she was in their shoes. Eventually, she also develops the power of persuasion, though it does not have any effect on her brother JJ.<br/><br/>Son, JJ Powell, has super intellect. He can instantly solve complex math equations, understand complicated theories and such. The extent of his powers is not completely explored but it is assumed he will be able to apply the knowledge and perhaps have enhanced memory.
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